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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

News Highlights


Four Drivers of Data Warehouse Modernization

Philip Russom

Most modernization projects boil down to a short list of issues.


Getting Started with Big-Data-as-a- Service

Raghu Sowmyanarayanan

Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) is an emerging trend with great potential for adoption. We have begun to hear CxOs say that BDaaS makes big data projects viable. We explain why the technology is so appealing.


Qlik Embraces Platform-as-a-Product in New, Updated Offerings

Stephen Swoyer

Qlik recently fleshed out its Qlik Sense platform with a new cloud service and a new developer-oriented analytic platform -- dubbed the Qlik Analytic Platform -- along with a slew of services slated to support these offerings. Qlik announced something else, too: a new, version 2.0 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise, due this month.


Best of TDWI's Data Digest

Quint Turner

Online articles that caught our eye focus on finding data scientists, maximizing the benefits of unstructured data, news as a free data sources, and guarding data.

TDWI Webinar Series:

Unifying the Traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse with Hadoop

Speaker: Colin White

9:00AM PT
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Learn how to extend a traditional data warehouse with Hadoop. We'll discuss use cases for Hadoop in a data warehousing environment and how to access a mixed data management environment, as well as how to support a common and transparent data interface to heterogeneous data and systems.

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

How the Right BI Can Fundamentally Change Your Organization

Join a lively panel of experts to learn about telephony provider Twilio's journey to becoming a data-driven organization and hear advice on both the technology and organization hurdles to getting there with BI vendor Looker and TDWI.

Speaker: Fern Halper

9:00AM PT

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The Logical Data Warehouse: What It Is and Why You Need It

Learn what a logical data warehouse is, what it does, and its common manifestations. We'll explore related concepts, such as virtual data warehouses, data lakes, and data vaults and Philip will examine business-driven use cases for logical data warehouses. Finally, we'll discuss enabling technologies and practices that make the logical data warehouse fully practical today, including semantic layers, data view technologies, data fabric, real-time functions, high-performance data warehousing, columnar databases, and in-memory databases and analytic processing.

Speaker: Philip Russom

9:00AM PT

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July 26 - 31, 2015

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Seminar in Minneapolis // BI Essentials

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