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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Can Hadoop Replace My ETL Tool?

Philip Russom

The answer is: It depends. ETL and ELT jobs vary a lot. Hadoop is suitable for some but not others.


A Closer Look at Looker

Stephen Swoyer

Looker claims that its take on BI self- service permits business analysts or other savvy user types to build their own dashboard or analytic views -- along with views for other, less-savvy business users. With Looker, one official tells BI This Week, "You're no longer managing [both] a data infrastructure in a BI layer and a data infrastructure that powers the BI layer."


An Alternative to Centralizing Big Data

Simon Moss

This alternative strategy to "centralize everything" recognizes the sheer physics problem of moving, storing, and processing huge volumes of data as well as the time, cost, and risk of attempting to do so.


Q&A: Shifting Emphasis on Speed over Consistency Changes Data Landscape

Linda Briggs

Businesses now emphasize speed over traditional BI's predefined reports and queries. In this second of a two-part interview, well-known BI author and consultant Dr. Barry Devlin explains further details of his "Adaptive Decision Cycle" process and how it can be used to join disparate decision-making segments of the business to accelerate data and decisions.

TDWI Webinar Series:

Making Data Work for You: Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Speaker: Colin White

9:00AM PT
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Colin will discuss new approaches to data warehousing and offers practical advice that can help organizations build a flexible, fluid data layer. In addition, he'll examine the changing nature of the data warehouse, how to ensure access, scale, and security; the critical factors for project success; and on- premises, cloud, or hybrid: what makes sense when?

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

Analytics at Scale: What You Need to Know

TDWI's Fern Halper will discuss new approaches to analyzing data at scale and will offer practical advice about getting started. You'll learn why analytics at scale is important and how it's different from traditional analytics, hear use cases for analytics at scale, and understand how to get started.

Speaker: Fern Halper

9:00AM PT

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Enabling Business Productivity by Uprooting Data Complexity in the BI/Analytics Environment

Learn how the evolving sophistication of BI consumers and the emerging needs of data analysts are driving enterprises to broaden access to raw data for interactive discovery. We'll explore how users can take advantage of simulations, what-if analysis, predictive, and prescriptive analysis of ERP data and explore alternatives for emerging BI environments.

Speaker: David Loshin

9:00AM PT

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