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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

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Telling a Story with Analysis: 3 Visualization Tips for Presenters

Fern Halper

These three best practices will help you deliver visualizations that complement your analysis and make the greatest impression on your audience.


Emerging Technologies: And the Beat Goes On

Mike Schiff

We owe it to our users (and to our careers) to learn about new technologies.


Managing BI Projects by Expediting Key Decisions

J. René Russell and Max T. Russell

Project managers are responsible for moving many decision makers toward a single goal. Continuously expediting the next key decision is critical to moving a project forward.

TDWI Webinar Series:

Five Innovations in Advanced Analytics

Speaker: Fern Halper

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9:00AM PT
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TDWI Research director for advanced analytics Fern Halper will explore market trends in advanced analytics and how companies are organizing to execute. She'll explain market trends supporting advanced analytics, how vendors are making advanced analytics more usable and consumable, and how companies are organizing to derive value from analytics.

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

From Data Discovery to Adaptive Decision Making

Dr. Barry Devlin describes the business drivers required for speedy and flexible decision making and introduces the adaptive decision cycle for extreme insight that enables it. He also discusses the tools and techniques needed for search, analytics, and monitoring and offers tips for successful implementation.

Speaker: Barry Devlin

9:00AM PT

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Next-Generation Analytics and Platforms for Business Success

How are organizations implementing next-generation analytics to meet their business objectives, and what challenges do they face with such analytics? What best practices can you adopt in your own organization to address next-generation analytics? TDWI Research director for advanced analytics Fern Halper will explain.

Speaker: Fern Halper

9:00AM PT

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