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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

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What Makes a BI Platform Agile?

Stephen Swoyer

What makes a business intelligence (BI) platform agile? According to a recent report from market-watcher Forrester, it doesn't have anything to do with the adoption of agile concepts and methods. Agile isn't a methodology or a toolset or even, a state of mind, Forrester's report argues. If anything, it's a platform play -- just don't call it an enterprise BI platform play.


Marketing IT In-House: Take Time to Specialize

Max T. Russell

BI specialists and generalists can help each other make the most of what they bring to the table, but fulfilling experiences come more often to those who take time to differentiate themselves with specializations.


Getting Girls into IT: Don't Blame Silicon Valley

Cindi Howson

Everyone is blaming Silicon Valley for the lack of women in IT when the blame lies squarely with girls, including, author Cindi Howson explains, herself.

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Real-Time Data, BI, and Analytics: Accelerating Business to Leverage Customer Relations, Competitiveness, and Insights

Speaker: Philip Russom, Fern Halper, and David Stodder

9:00AM PT
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The pace of business continues to accelerate, such that organizations must now react faster and more frequently to customer interactions, service-level agreements, operational commitments, competitive pressures, and other time- sensitive issues. With technologies maturing, organizations must evaluate the options they need for the real-time delivery, access, and analysis of information, if they are to reduce business latency or eliminate it.

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Developing Better Customer-Facing Analytics

The vast amount of information now available to organizations is spurring a push toward leveraging data to understand customers more completely. Organizations can gain insights from the data they collect, but developing higher retention and better competitive advantage also means providing customers with access to the analytics that apply to them. This is becoming prevalent in vertical markets such as data service providers, education, health care, utilities -- the list is endless.

Speaker: Lyndsay Wise

9:00AM PT

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Empowering Business Users with Analytics and Data Discovery

Demand is accelerating across organizations for better and faster access to data. Business executives, managers, and frontline users in operations want the power to move beyond the limits of spreadsheets so they can engage in deeper analysis and use data insights to transform all types of decisions. Newer tools and methods are making it possible for organizations to meet the demands of nontechnical users by enabling them to access, integrate, transform, and visualize data without traditional IT hand-holding.

Speaker: David Stodder

9:00AM PT

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