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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Q&A: Transforming Your Organization into an Agile Enterprise

James Powell

Agile is a lean philosophy that's useful for more than just development. How can you maximize success when moving to an agile enterprise? PayPal's Kyle Forbes shares his thoughts and experience.


Modern BI: Performance, Services, and Information

Chris Adamson

Understanding how business intelligence delivers value can help us cut through hype, evolve our BI programs, and impact business performance.


BI Tools and Data Responsibility

Bob Potter

Although well-managed, integrated environments are still important, modern BI tools will need to get data from a variety of sources, not just those sanctioned and blessed by IT.


Q&A: Integrating Healthcare's Rich Datasets Promises Rewards

Linda Briggs

Massive reforms in the healthcare field are creating opportunities for technology, says HP's Donte London. As he discusses in this interview with BI This Week, the second of two parts, changing consumer demographics, coupled with reform, have made the patient experience extremely complex, but technology can help.


How Problem Solvers Can Cultivate Innovation

Stephen Swoyer

Can you commoditize innovation? Is innovation teachable? Industry veterans Donald Farmer and Shawn Rogers tackled this issue during a session at the Pacific Northwest BI Summit. Their conclusion: even if you can't teach innovation, you can teach the practices and methods that creative, problem-solving people can employ to cultivate it.


Getting Started with Big Data

Philip Russom

How should a manufacturer get started with big data? TDWI's Philip Russom offers suggestions for getting off on the right foot.

TDWI Webinar Series:

Five Hot Trends for Enabling Your Data Management and Decision- Making Environment

Speaker: Claudia Imhoff

9:00AM PT
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Big data analytics, mobile devices, cloud-based solutions, self-service BI, and predictive analytics -- these are the major trends impacting today's decision-making environments. Exciting, yes, but enabling these trends can also be quite disruptive to traditional data management processes and the implementers, analysts, and decision makers themselves.

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

Forward Looking BI: The next step in the analytics journey

Reports and dashboards that utilize historical data to gain insight are just the beginning of a company's analytics journey. Advances in technology including predictive capabilities can help organizations gain competitive advantage by helping them discover trends, patterns, and relationships in data and guide their next course of action. In the past, predictive analytics has been the realm of statisticians and other quantitative individuals and was often separated from BI activities.

Speaker: Fern Halper

9:00AM PT

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Data Management Best Practices in the Age of Big Data and Real-Time Operations

The incremental movement toward real-time operation is the most influential trend today in data-driven IT disciplines such as business intelligence, data warehousing, and data integration. From a technology viewpoint, collecting, processing, and delivering data is hard enough; doing it in real time requires effort that is downright Herculean. Thanks to the big data phenomenon, the volume of data continues to swell, exacerbating the situation.

Speaker: Philip Russom

9:00AM PT

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