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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

News Highlights


Four More Advances in Predictive Analytics

Fern Halper

The technology and the practices around predictive analytics are also evolving. Here are four ways predictive analytics is changing.


Get Ready: Price Optimization is Coming Your Way -- And It's Looking for Your Data

Neil Lustig

If your company sells through a B2B sales force, sooner or later you'll be asked for a price optimization and management solution. Here's how data analytics can help.


How Dashboards Have Grown Up

Bob Potter

Visual reports are no longer sufficient. Today's dashboards must deal with big data and short response times.


Using Geospatial Data in New and Novel Ways

Stephen Swoyer

A recent report from The Data Warehousing Institute highlights a septet of use cases for geospatial or location data. It also underscores a key point: geospatial data might not be new, but companies expect to use it in new ways.

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BI in the Cloud

Speaker: Fern Halper

9:00AM PT
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The cloud services model offers much in the way of potential benefits to businesses in terms of efficiency and cost savings. It's no wonder that many enterprise applications have moved to public, private, or hybrid clouds. Although business intelligence applications have been slower to move to the cloud -- usually because of data security concerns -- this is starting to change.

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Modernizing the Traditional BI Environment

Key BI industry growth areas are focused on big data, advanced analytics, cloud computing, and supporting mobile workers. When they are marketing and writing about using these technologies, vendors, the press, and analyst organizations usually focus on building new and leading-edge systems and applications.

Speaker: Colin White

9:00AM PT

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Seven Data Discovery Steps for Improving Information Delivery and Accuracy

Know your data. With today's information- driven business projects, no maxim could be more true. Yet many organizations lack fundamental knowledge about their data -- and the situation is getting tougher as "big data" sources grow in size and variety and manual documentation efforts can't keep pace.

Speaker: David Stodder

9:00AM PT

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