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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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TDWI Survey Shows Growth in Predictive Analytics

Stephen Swoyer

Will predictive analytics (PA) ever take off? According to a recent report from TDWI Research, a sharp uptick in the adoption and use of PA technologies could be close at hand. Moreover, more than half of respondents in a TDWI survey are actively using or evaluating PA technologies. That's big -- but whether PA ever sees truly pervasive adoption is another matter.


Q&A: Fostering a Better Business-IT Partnership

Linda Briggs

Healing the IT/business divide can reap benefits for the entire enterprise, but what can be done to help the two sides see eye to eye? In this interview, the first of two parts, Peter Evans, business intelligence and analytics product evangelist for Dell Software, discusses some roots of the historic problem, along with ways to solve it.


The Data "Big Bang": Integrating Your Systems to Fully Benefit from the Big Data Phenomenon

Glenn Johnson

For the best integration performance for big data challenges, make sure your middleware can leverage in-memory data grid computing, but don't overlook the need for business process management and optimization for the enterprise systems you're integrating.


Text Analytics: Working Smarter

Linda Briggs

Fully half of respondents in a 2012 TDWI survey of emerging technologies said they would be using text analytics in three years. This interview explores what text analytics offers and how to get started.

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From a technology viewpoint, collecting, processing, and delivering data is hard enough. Analyzing big data in real time is downright Herculean. Yet that's exactly where many user practices and vendor technologies are going today.

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