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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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It Takes Guts and Insight to Make a Good Decision

Andrew Cardno

We're drowning in big data and surrounded with machines competing with people to make decisions. In a world overloaded with vast arrays of super computers that are calculating endless permutations of the future and taking real actions, do humans need to make decisions?


Analysis: MicroStrategy's Would-Be Analytics King

Stephen Swoyer

BI stalwart MicroStrategy has released a free version of its discovery tool Visual Insight, packaged as part of a new standalone BI offering, MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop, taking dead aim at offerings from QlikTech, Spotfire, and Tableau.


Analytics 2014: Five Trends that will Shape Business Intelligence this Year

Bob Potter

How will your enterprise handle analytics this year? These five trends are worth watching in the months ahead.


Data is the Currency of the Information Revolution

Terry Keene

Imagine a world where enterprises won't have to store their growing volumes of data themselves. Imagine the data bank -- where you'll be able to deposit and store data much like commercial banks store money today.


How to Turn Your "People Experiences" into Positive Interactions

Max T. Russell

Mastering the skills of marvelous customer service is a journey. You can guide your team on the journey with in-services based on sound learning principles.

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Introducing the TDWI Big Data Maturity Model

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Many end-user organizations are currently commencing or expanding solutions for big data and big data analytics. They want to understand how to approach big data and where they stand relative to other companies, especially their competitors. In October 2013, TDWI launched its Big Data Maturity Model Assessment Tool, which can help to guide IT and business professionals on their big data journey. The assessment looks at companies across five dimensions that impact maturity, including organization, infrastructure, data management, analytics, and governance.

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