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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

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Data Integration in a Snap?

Stephen Swoyer

SnapLogic says its REST-based approach to data movement is a superior alternative to tools such as ETL for data integration in hybrid on- and off-premises environments.


Q&A: Are Data Scientists Hidden within Your Company?

Linda Briggs

Are potential data scientists already within the ranks of your company? What role should a data scientist play on a BI team? In this second half of a two-part interview, Teradata's chief analytics officer Bill Franks talks about training from within, and the ROI of a data scientist.


Are You Ready for Operational Intelligence?

Stephen Swoyer

We've been hearing much more about operational intelligence (OI), a practice that analyzes logs, events, and messages at real-time or near-real-time speeds. A new report from TDWI Research assesses OI in terms of its applications, its potential benefits, its people, process, and technology requirements, and its challenges.


Embracing Big Data: Five Strategic Imperatives You Must Address

For healthcare organizations that have chosen to seize new opportunities for transformation are developing multi-year road maps to address everything from managing financial risks with emerging payment models to engaging patients as unique individuals to anticipate and respond proactively to their health needs. (Short registration required if downloading content from TDWI for the first time.)


Contribute to the BI Journal

TDWI's Business Intelligence Journal is accepting educational, vendor-neutral articles for its Spring 2014 issue. Share your BI and data warehousing expertise with TDWI Premium Members and other industry professionals -- an exclusive audience of active BI/DW professionals looking for creative approaches, new ideas, and a fresh look at tried-and-true techniques. Submission deadline is November 22.

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TDWI Webinar Series:

I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! Making BI More Consumable

Speaker: Claudia Imhoff

9:00AM PT
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Self-service BI is a popular topic these days. It is beneficial to the IT staff developing the BI environment -- they are freed up to do more value-added activities. It is quite useful for technologically savvy business analysts or data scientists -- they can begin producing their own analytical results.

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

Staying in the Game with Big Data in Consumer Industries

No individual is a "segment." Big data and advanced analytics allow companies to treat customers as individuals and not as broad demographic slices. Smarter marketing starts conversations and delivers useful services -- to one individual at a time.

Speaker: Colin White

9:00AM PT

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Hadoop Best Practices for Data Warehousing and Analytics

According to a 2012 TDWI survey about Hadoop, only 10 percent of respondents have the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) in production today, while a whopping 63 percent expect to deploy HDFS within three years. The survey reveals that user organizations are aggressively adopting HDFS and other Hadoop technologies for data warehousing, analytics, and other purposes. Organizations in this situation are completely new to this technology, so they need to educate themselves quickly about the best practices that are now emerging for Hadoop, especially in the context of data warehousing and analytics.

Speaker: Philip Russom

9:00AM PT

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