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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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What's Really Different about Big Data Analytics?

Fern Halper

We explore several fundamental changes driven by big data analytics.


Operational Intelligence: Footloose and Schema-free

Stephen Swoyer

Data from sensors and machines loses value as it ages. That's why landing it in a traditional data warehouse -- or even in a repository such as Hadoop -- doesn't make much sense, says Vitria CTO Dale Skeen. Because it's both fast-paced and unpredictable, OI's requirements outstrip the capabilities of traditional BI or DW tools, Skeen argues.


Centralizing Transaction Data to Improve Marketing, Analyze Security and Revenue, and Protect Against Fraud

Learn how a telecommunications provider used a data-centric IT architecture to integrate multiple disparate databases to ensure accurate, trusted, and timely data for all corporate departments, helping the company create smart marketing campaigns built on mobile subscriber profile data with real-time response analysis. (From TDWI's What Works in Emerging Technologies.)

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Big Data and Your Data Warehouse

Speaker: Philip Russom

9:00AM PT
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Just a few years ago, big data was a problem in terms of scaling up IT systems and discovering the business value. Thanks to advances in vendor platforms and user practices, most enterprises today consider big data an opportunity -- not a problem -- because they can mine and analyze it for valuable business insight.

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The Doctor is In: The Role of the Data Scientist for Analyzing Big Data

No profession is getting more attention these days than that of the "data scientist." Data scientists have made the covers of business magazines and are practically rock stars at online companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Speaker: David Stodder

9:00AM PT

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Managing the Mayhem of Mobile BI

Apple defined a new category of computing with the release of the Apple iPad. It also reinvigorated the BI market with visually attractive dashboards on every tablet. Mobile BI promises to make BI more immediate and accessible for executives and field workers alike.

Speaker: Cindi Howson

9:00AM PT

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