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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News Highlights


Q&A: BI Helps Healthcare Meet Huge Challenges

Linda Briggs

"BI and analytics are new concepts to many healthcare organizations," says Ted Corbett, whose consulting company, Vizual Outcomes, focuses on how BI and data visualization can help healthcare providers meet huge future challenges.


BI: Becoming Cheaper, Better, Faster, and More Pervasive Each Year

Mike Schiff

Technical innovations are making BI more pervasive each and every day.


Analysis: What's All the Hadoop-la? EMC Breaks Out with Pivotal HD

Stephen Swoyer

EMC Corp. arguably stole the show at last month's Strata 2013 conference, announcing the equivalent of a SQL-compliant, high-performance RDBMS running on top of Hadoop: Pivotal HD.

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Big Data is Adding to Data Management Challenges

Speaker: Mark Madsen

9:00AM PT
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As the use of big data grows, the need for data management in the new environment will also grow. The combination of new data and new technology requires new data management capabilities and processes in order to realize the promised benefits.

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

Faster Analytics and Better Business Intelligence

Building a data warehouse is the stuff of legend -- unreal project lengths, famous failures, and some surprising successes! Enterprise data warehouses emphasize quality and completeness; data marts major in speed and business value. Today, users demand instant satisfaction and quality solutions.

Speaker: Barry Devlin

9:00AM PT

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Real-Time and Big Data Challenge Data Management Best Practices

The incremental movement toward real-time operation is the most influential trend today in data-driven IT disciplines such as BI, data warehousing, and data integration. From a technology viewpoint, collecting, processing, and delivering data is hard enough; doing it in real time requires effort that is downright Herculean. Data volumes continue to rise, exacerbating the situation.

Speaker: Philip Russom

9:00AM PT

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