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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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BI Experts: Why Predictive Analytics Will Continue to Grow

Mike Schiff

If your organization isn't benefiting from data mining and predictive analytics, consider using them now. We explore why these technologies are increasingly popular with enterprises of all sizes.


The Three Core Activities of MDM

Philip Russom

The first of a three-part sneak peek at the latest TDWI Best Practices Report, "Next Generation Master Data Management," to be published in April. The report helps user organizations understand MDM life-cycle stages so they can better plan and manage them.


Are Data Integration Vendors Responding to Pricing Concerns?

Stephen Swoyer

Users tend to dislike their data integration (DI) tools for their high cost. Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for DI tools shows that three vendors most stung by pricing criticisms are making an effort to address pricing concerns. Will it result in meaningful savings for most users?


Q&A: Applying Semantics to Data Management

Linda Briggs

Editor's Note: Due to a production error, some readers may not have been able to access the Q&A in last week's issue.

"If users are able to locate, query, and visualize their data far more easily, they are suddenly in control," says Sean Martin of Cambridge Semantics. He uses the term "operational intelligence" to refer to new uses of data that can drive day-to-day operational decisions.

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BI Solutions and Strategies for Mid-Sized Companies

Speaker: Nancy Williams

9:00AM PT
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Mid-sized companies are increasingly interested in acquiring new business intelligence capabilities because they spend most of their time looking for data rather than using it. Many still use slow, manually intensive, spreadsheet-based approaches to obtaining and using information.

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Making Sense of Big Data and Big Data Analytics

Big data challenges involve not only the task of harnessing and managing big volumes of data stemming from a host of traditional as well as new types of data, but also trying to meaningfully make sense of big data by leveraging analytics tools and applications that are best suited and optimized for big data volumes and workloads.

Speaker: Colin White

9:00AM PT

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Is Your Approach to Modeling MDM Fixed or Flexible? How to Evaluate the Cost vs. Benefits of Prepackaged vs. Model-driven MDM

Fundamentally, there are two different approaches to modeling MDM: (1) prepackaged and (2) business-model driven. Each approach determines if the data model is fixed or flexible, Web services are pre-generated or dynamically generated, and user interfaces are pre-defined or user-defined.

Speaker: David Loshin

9:00AM PT

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