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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

News Highlights


BI Experts: Why Enterprise Data Strategies Must Support Business Goals

Philip Russom

Success with enterprise business goals demands strategies for enterprise data.


Q&A: "Cool BI" List Includes Dashboards, Visual Discovery Tools

Linda Briggs

In the second part of a two-part interview with well-known BI analyst and TDWI faculty member Cindi Howson, we discuss more technologies on Cindi's annual "Cool BI" list of business intelligence innovations. Topping this year's list: advanced visualization and dashboards.


2012: Year of Cloud BI

Jeff Bamba

There's no doubt that customers will continue their migration from in-house BI to BI in the cloud. We explore best practices for cloud BI and the limitations this technology imposes.


How Mobile Computing Will Impact the Value of Time

Bill Hewitt

Anytime, anywhere access to applications and data is what mobile computing is all about. We explain how the technology can harness the value of time.


Q&A: Analytics, Unstructured Data, and the Growth of Social Media

James Powell

What are the common misperceptions about unstructured data, and how can this data be exploited for game-changing insights?


From the BI Scorecard: The Year Ahead in BI and a Look Back on 2011 Highlights

Cindi Howson

From in-memory to visual discovery, big data to mobile and cloud BI -- and more -- what's ahead for BI professionals in 2012.

TDWI Webinar Series:

The Confluence of Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Speaker: Philip Russom

9:00AM PT
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The term "big data" has arisen in recent years to describe multi-terabyte datasets. Big data certainly has its challenges relative to scalability and data management, but it's also useful for business intelligence. Massive datasets of big data provide substantial data samples for many forms of analytics, especially advanced forms that are discovery oriented.

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