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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

News Highlights


The BI Year in Review

Stephen Swoyer

From tablets to takeovers, it was a busy year for business intelligence professionals.


Big Questions Simmered for Data Analysts in 2011

Ted Cuzzillo

Everyone's heard by now of big data and automated analytics while questions about qualifications for data analysts simmer.


That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2011 (Plus Predictions for 2012)

Mike Schiff

Most of analyst Mike Schiff's predictions for 2011 came true. He examines those predictions, the major events of 2011, and looks ahead at what 2012 will hold for DW professionals.


BI Resilient in 2011; Mobility, SMBs, Services to Highlight 2012

Marty Carney

BI popularity continued, and BI in the cloud and data aggregation took center stage this year. We look at what BI professionals might expect in 2012.


Data Management: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

Conor O'Mahony

In a year when in-memory analytics was memorable, what data management trends were the most important in 2011, and what can we expect in 2012?


Information Governance: Big Data and the Road Ahead

Sunil Soares

In 2011, enterprises were aligning their information governance practices across functions. In 2012, Big Data information policy will become mission critical.


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