Thursday, August 25, 2011

Agile Co-Founder Jim Highsmith Looks Back 10 Years -- And Ahead

Best Practices for Managing Technical Debt
Join Steve McConnell in this webcast as he explores in detail the different types of technical debt, and when organizations should and shouldn’t take them on. You'll learn about the best practices for managing, tracking and paying down debt.

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Agile Co-Founder Jim Highsmith Looks Back 10 Years -- And Ahead

Highsmith took some time earlier this month to talk about the legacy of the development movement he helped get on the map.

VMware Brings the Cloud to Developers' Desktops

VMware has released the beta of Micro Cloud Foundry, a complete version of its Cloud Foundry PaaS designed to run on developers' PCs or Macs.

Three Reasons Your Automated Test Really Isn't Automatic
Learn how the world's most innovative development organizations refactored their test infrastructure and achieved dramatic breakthroughs in test throughput and efficiency.

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Sonatype, the chief commercial supporter of the open-source Maven project, is working with Oracle to bring project artifacts to the Maven Central Repository.

Gorilla Logic Reloads FlexMonkey with Major Changes

FlexMonkey 5 is a revamped version of the company's flagship open source automated testing tool for Adobe Flex and AIR.

Ad Hoc Reporting That Actually Works!
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    REDMONDMAG.COM: Microsoft Releases Mango Dev Kit 7.1 Release Candidate

    Microsoft cued Windows Phone 7.5 (code-named "Mango") developers today that a release candidate version of the latest software development kit is available.

    ESJ.COM Q&A: Web 2.0 Functions Boost BI's Power

    Bringing search and Web 2.0 into next-generation, BI improves user access and the decision-making process.