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Monarch 11 report analytics, download the free trial
Monarch 11 Report Analytics provides business users with a self-service environment to create dynamic, enterprise-wide analytical solutions from existing static reports and business documents. Monarch 11 users can easily report on data from ERP Reports, text files, html files, PDFs and semi-structured content, transforming data into high performance reports.

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News Highlights

  • Kognitio Touts "Train-of-Thought" Analytics

    Although competitors like to talk up cutting-edge analytic technologies such as MapReduce, Kognitio says good old-fashioned OLAP cubes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the OLAP status quo itself has got to go. [more]

  • The 2011 BI Bake Off at TDWI

    The BI market has changed a great deal since our first bake off. Cindi Howson previews what to expect at TDWI's World Conference Bake Off in August. [more]

  • New from TDWI: What Works in Healthcare

    What Works in Healthcare is a special issue with more than 20 pages of customer success stories and expert perspectives designed to enhance your understanding of how BI, analytics, and data warehousing can help healthcare organizations increase effectiveness and manage costs for clinical, financial, and other functions.

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Don't Miss TDWI's World Conference in San Diego

Last year's TDWI World Conference in San Diego helped hundreds of BI professionals begin to develop the agile environment. This year, we're focusing on the evolution of agile. We'll showcase the latest thinking on agile project management, methodologies, and modeling, along with a look at the lingering controversy: Does agile really work for BI and data warehousing?

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TDWI Seminar Series in Toronto: August 29 - September 1, 2011

Dimensional data is a core component of modern BI/DW implementations. Dimensionally organized data offers a more effective and adaptable solution to business analytics needs than can be achieved with relational data structures. The TDWI Toronto Seminar will teach the core fundamental principles as well as provide an extended set of techniques to address real-world complexity.

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