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News Highlights

  • The Case for Data Virtualization (Revisited)

    Data virtualization (DV) emphasizes pragmatism, advocating mixing and matching data integration technologies to construct a virtual view of an integrated enterprise. DV works with the integration technologies you already have and uses federation to knit everything together. Advocates argue that data management diehards are going to have to come to terms with something very much like virtualization. [more]

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  • Six Myths about Data Analysts

    Data analysts are anti-social geeks with Ph.D.s who care only about insight that they produce with blinding speed. We debunk these and other myths. [more]

  • VIDEO: Mastering the Human Side of Data Integration

    If you couldn't attend TDWI's 2011 BI Executive Summit in Las Vegas, here's the next best thing. Enjoy this 56-minute presentation that discusses the inevitable scenarios and powerful principles to effectively deal with them. (Short, one-time registration required to view videos from this conference.) [more]

  • Links from Last Week's Issue Fixed

  • Due to a temporary server issue, some readers were unable to view the articles in last week's issue. The problem is fixed. Here are the articles you may have missed:

    EMC Makes "Big Data" Move

    Deloitte Makes Its Bid

    Q&A: Data Marts Regaining Respect -- With Caveats

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