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Step by Step: A methodology for information quality

Most organizations still face the challenge of implementing an effective strategy to provide information aligning to business requirements. Join Trillium Software for this webinar on May 5 at 11:00AM EDT and you'll learn the four steps to a successful information quality strategy

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  • 10 Simple Rules for Managing Next-Gen DI

    Although most of next-gen data integration is common sense, DI practitioners need to be wary of the occasional curve ball. [more]

  • 7 Tips for Working with Data Analysts

    It takes two to analyze data, yet many clients are uncertain how to work with data analysts to get the brightest insight. Data analysts offer their tips. [more]

  • Crime Data Analysis Helps Swedish Police

    Using analytic software to greatly accelerate the process, Swedish police analyzed years of crime reports and found links that helped them arrest a serial shooting suspect who was terrorizing the area. [more]

  • VIDEO: Managing Data through a Merger

    If you couldn't attend TDWI's 2011 BI Executive Summit in Las Vegas, here's the next best thing. Enjoy this 53-minute presentation from a case study workshop that discusses how to create a unified global data strategy when confronted with a merger or acquisition. (Short, one-time registration required to view videos from this conference.) [more]

Don't Miss TDWI's World Conference in Chicago

At the TDWI World Conference in Chicago, you’ll learn the essential skills, fundamental techniques, and core disciplines of information management. Then we’ll invite you to look to the clouds—and the future. Learn why the advent of cloud computing will change information technology for everyone, and find out how to position your enterprise and your skills to prepare for the future of BI.

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TDWI Seminar Series in Boston: June 13-16, 2011

Dimensional data is a core component of modern BI/DW implementations. Dimensionally organized data offers a more effective and adaptable solution to business analytics needs than can be achieved with relational data structures. The TDWI Boston Seminar will teach the core fundamental principles as well as provide an extended set of techniques to address real-world complexity.

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