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Don't Miss TDWI's World Conference in Las Vegas

We invite you to take the next step in your BI/DW career by taking courses at the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas. Industry thought leaders will help you go beyond the buzzwords of data quality, integration, and governance, and help you develop a data strategy that will deliver consistent information across your enterprise.

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News Highlights

  • The Complete BI Professional

    A well-rounded BI pro combines depth of knowledge of a specialty with a broad knowledge of the field -- but knowing those disciplines is less important than understanding their relationships. [more]

  • The Rise of Data Science

    How the rise of data science reflects a fundamental industry shift and the return to objective roots. [more]

  • Using Business Intelligence to Increase Company Efficiency

    Business intelligence software finds, analyzes, and fixes the flaws in a business' data collection strategy and creates a more efficient, knowledgeable operation. We examine how this is accomplished. [more]

  • Q&A: Don't Present Results, Tell Stories

    All those fancy tools for charting and graphing won't help you unless you know your audience and tell stories about a few key results. [more]

  • Installing and Maintaining PowerPivot for SharePoint

    As with any technology, be sure you understand the impact of installing, configuring, managing, and deprecating PowerPivot for SharePoint in your organization. The decisions you make should not be based solely on technical constraints or the desire for the latest technology but rather on the right solution. [more]

TDWI's BI Executive Summit in Las Vegas

Data is the heart and soul of any business intelligence (BI) program, and thus the fuel for insights and decisions that drive your organization. The upcoming TDWI BI Executive Summit will help unlock some of the secrets that leading-edge BI programs have used to harness data for the advancement of their organizations.

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TDWI Seminar Series in Dallas: March 14-17

Data that is organized and optimally stored in the warehouse needs thoughtful design to fulfill business needs. Business analysts taking TDWI Dallas Seminar courses will be better prepared to work with their technical counterparts, and developers taking these courses will be able to ask the right questions to determine how to design and implement the best data structures.

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Differences between traditional SaaS BI and a managed SaaS platform

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