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  • Crunching the Numbers on Big Data

    For a long time, the specialty data warehouse (DW) was a technology proposition in search of a market. In 2007 and 2008, the specialty DW found a market opportunity: Big Data. Two years on, Big Data is bigger than you might think. [more]

  • Letters to the Editor: The BI Platform Wars are Not Over

    A BI analyst and TDWI faculty member takes issue with a BI This Week article about the state of BI platforms. [more]

  • Third-Party DI Tools Make Mapping Easier

    At the recent Professional Association of SQL Server conference, Microsoft wasn't the only vendor with something to talk about. One unusual exhibitor is data integration upstart Expressor, which announced version 3.0 of its DI platform that offers a host of new features, including simplified data mapping. [more]

  • Case Study: IBM, Predictive Analytics, and Grevy's Zebra

    With the world losing one or more entire species of animal or plant life every 20 minutes, a conservation group in the UK is using analytical software from IBM to untangle the complex factors contributing to a particular species' decline. [more]

  • Why Data Virtualization Trumps Data Federation Alone

    Even as data federation has earned itself a seat at the always-contentious data management table, federation itself is morphing into a very different beast: data virtualization. Although federation and virtualization might seem similar, they're not. In fact, argues TDWI's Philip Russom, data virtualization confers many advantages that simply aren't achievable by means of federation alone. [more]

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