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MicroStrategy's Mobile Business Intelligence Launch Event is heading to a city near you

Did you know that more people will be getting their BI from mobile devices than from desktops as early as 2014? Mobile Business Intelligence for the iPad and iPhone is the future of BI. Learn more at MicroStrategy's Mobile Launch event. See demonstrations, case studies and best practices. Discover how the iPad is changing information consumption and learn how to design intuitive, visual dashboards in no time.

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News Highlights

  • Why Analytics Must Focus on Outliers and Idiosyncrasies

  • Mobile service providers struggle to match data usage to revenues. Existing BI tools only provide a general understanding of the data
    traffic but not the context to drive smarter marketing decisions. A new kind of BI -- providing insight into subscriber usage patterns -- may be the answer.
  • Agile data warehousing isn't exactly a straightforward proposition -- some techniques popular with agile programmers aren't suited to data managers. This isn't to downplay the benefits of an agile approach to data warehousing but rather to recast the issue. If shops don't figure out how to accelerate their cumbersome data warehousing projects, one vendor argues, their information consumers will pass them by, and keeping users happy is the essence of agile.
  • In a 24/7 marketplace, you need reliable and timely information. We explain the data integration challenges and how to overcome them.
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We invite you to take the next step in your BI/DW career by taking courses at the TDWI World Conference in Orlando. Learn about emerging technologies like text analytics, open source, and mobile BI. Industry thought leaders will discuss how these technologies work, how you can deploy them, and the benefits they can bring to your organization.

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  • Enhancing Enterprise Data Warehouse Reliability Using Master Data Management

    Inconsistent data within an enterprise data warehousing (EDW) environment reduces the effectiveness of a business intelligence (BI) capability. The EDW return on investment is eroded through a general lack of trust in its data, leading to delayed decisions, increased reconciliations, and costly errors.

TDWI Seminar Series in Toronto: September 27-30

The TDWI Seminar in Toronto offers an in-depth look at data modeling. Business analysts taking courses at the seminar will be better prepared to work with their technical counterparts, and developers taking these courses will be able to ask the right questions to determine how to design and implement the best data structures.

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