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Data Literacy Foundations for Self-Service BI and Analytics

June 9, 2020

Prerequisite: None

David Langer

VP of Analytics


Organizations that truly capitalize on self-service BI and analytics to achieve competitive advantage understand a simple truth—data literacy trumps technology. Without data literacy, self-service BI initiatives fail. Data literacy empowers organizations to use self-service BI to separate the signal from the noise, craft business insights, and optimize decisions.

A data literacy foundation is essential for your self-service program to meet its full potential. This talk is a brief introduction to those aspects of data literacy that will enable your organization to quickly deliver demonstrable business value from self-service BI assets.

For business organizations, foundational data literacy provides:

  • Alignment for business objectives across all levels of the organization
  • The ability to rigorously ascertain if business objectives are being met
  • The skills to investigate and improve business processes to meet objectives

For IT organizations, foundational data literacy provides:

  • A prioritized list of features/capabilities of the self-service BI platform
  • An understanding of which curated data sets offer disproportionate business value
  • A common vocabulary for collaborating with business stakeholders

Developing organization-wide data literacy is a tiered, incremental process that starts with the right foundation.

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