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Spotlight Talk: Simplifying Data Governance so Everyone Wins

July 28, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Pete Martin

Director of Product Marketing


Historically, data governance has been mainly about policy: defining what data an organization needs to protect, how it should do it, who should have access to it, and more. Data security, on the other hand, has been about enforcement: controlling access to data; detecting, responding to, and investigating potential threats; and preventing data breaches.

This left a blurry, gray area in the middle where multiple departments had to work together in a painful, manual data policy implementation and enforcement process. In this session, ALTR Cofounder and Director of Product Pete Martin will show how automation allows data governance to take ownership of implementation, move access control into the governance realm, and help clear up this complicated process. With this shift everyone wins: data engineers save time, data access becomes simplified, multiple tasks prone to human error are eliminated, audits are easier to perform, and you can just plain move faster.

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