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Digital Data Governance: How to Manage Modern Digital Assets (With Audience Q&A)

July 28, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Krish Krishnan


Sixth Sense Advisors Inc.

This session will include a moderated Q&A featuring questions from the live audience.

As digital transformation takes hold, successful businesses are developing new kinds of digital assets. For example, retail stores have started generating e-coupons when you arrive in a store or approach a register. Data governance programs must expand to include these digital assets, ensuring trust, adoption, privacy, and security. In this keynote session, Krish Krishnan will show you how a new form of digital data governance is required to unlock success in your business.

As the definition of “data” expands, the sheer volume of flowing information has increased to levels measured on an hourly basis, not daily. How do we truly manage these digital assets? Traditional approaches to data governance cannot keep up. E-commerce companies have succeeded in this world through an evolved and modernized approach to data governance.

Lessons from these early adopters can now be applied to your own business. Starting with the core understanding that all data needs to be governed, you need a digital data governance program to manage and mitigate risk, to enable alignment with business objectives, and to synchronize with organizational roles. You will learn how to establish a program that ensures all appropriate rules of engagement are followed, with automatic measurement of data use and compliance.

From how to get started to the delivery of business success, this talk will prepare you and your organization to discard old habits and prepare you to embrace the new world of digital data governance. Learn how Facebook and Google got their bearings without faltering, and how Microsoft and eBay have evolved successfully over the last two decades. Most important, learn how you can join their ranks and become a driver of change with digital data governance.

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