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Spotlight Talk: Goodbye, 3 V’s, Hello, 3 D’s: Tackling Distributed, Diverse, Dynamic Data

August 12, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Mark Balkenende

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Today’s enterprises are facing an impending storm. It’s a storm of data—distributed across geographies, systems, and teams—growing cloudier each day. When big data first emerged, it was defined by three things: 1) the sheer volume of data, 2) the velocity at which it is produced, and 3) the variety of data types and sources.

To ride out the storm, enterprises must narrow down their choices of database, public cloud, and more while undergoing a paradigm shift in their data approach. That’s a tall order. Cloud-native data integration offers an agile, continuous delivery model that empowers data teams to handle the diversity, distribution, and dynamics of data (the 3 D’s) to improve data latency, optimize costs, and support hybrid and cloud ecosystem interoperability.

Join Matillion as we discuss the challenges of the 3 D's and how to overcome them!

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