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Spotlight Talk: Deliver Continuous Business Insights by Addressing the Gaps in Traditional ERP and BI

June 16, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Bas Kamphuis

Chief Growth Officer


You have valuable data within your ERP—but do you have access to the key insights you need to monitor your business and quickly take action when the need arises? Even after 30+ years of ongoing investments in new technologies and transformation initiatives, many businesses are still executing below their full potential because of the complexity involved in turning core enterprise data into true business intelligence. So what’s missing from the traditional ERP + BI combination? You need a context-rich business data model that translates your ERP’s complex data schemas into an accessible format for faster insights and reporting. In this session, operational analytics expert Bas Kamphuis will discuss how to put the power of your data back into the hands of your business users.

Key Insights:

  • Best practices for optimizing your supply chain and financial processes to benefit from process mining, operational analytics, and process automation
  • Turning data into business-consumable insights in order to increase competitiveness
  • Integrating a context-rich business data model as a plug-in brain for your BI platform

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