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Spotlight Talk: How AI Makes Analytics More Human

April 21, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Rocco Pecora

Technical Product Marketing Manager


Andy Quirin

Senior Solutions Architect


People think AI makes analytics less human—replacing human decision making. But the truth is, AI actually makes analytics more human. Augmented analytics are helping organizations finally break through the low levels of adoption and limitations typical of second-generation visualization tools.

Most business problems cannot be solved purely by algorithms or machine learning—they require human interaction and perspective. Uniting precedent-based machine learning systems with natural human intuition and curiosity is the foundation of third-generation BI and democratizing data across an enterprise.

It is a natural flow to enhance your data ecosystem by deploying a platform with augmented intelligence to work alongside users in the pursuit of surfacing new insights, automating tasks, and supporting natural language interaction. All work as accelerators for achieving active intelligence and data literacy.

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