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Spotlight Talk: Weaving an Agile Data Fabric for the Future

April 22, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Inessa Gerber

Director of Product Management


The data landscape is in constant motion. The technology is evolving so rapidly, that the IT teams frequently find themselves at crossroads between existing technology and new and exciting platforms. Interestingly, even as the technology continues to move at a rapid pace, the core business requirements are changing much slower. This gap between IT and Business leads to loss of RIO, longer TTM, and higher cost in general. As we try to adapt to the new technologies, we cannot lose the sight of the business needs. We need to see beyond the flashy terms and look at the basics of the business use case.

How can we take all the technology we have adopted and build the flexible and agile Data Fabric? What is Data Fabric after all? How is it affected by the Digital Transformation? It is critical for us to question our direction and look beyond today's initiatives. We have to get our data, our most valuable asset, working for us. Let’s go on this journey together. Let’s explore our Business Needs and see how the Data Fabric can enable the business to harvest value from their data.

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