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Managing a Diverse Data Infrastructure: 5 Key Challenges (With Audience Q&A)

December 2, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Donald Farmer


TreeHive Strategy

This session will include a moderated Q&A featuring questions from the live audience.

In today’s enterprise, our critical data is often distributed between several data management systems, encompassing both relational and nonrelational platforms. In addition to the specific demands of each platform, programs face new challenges which emerge as a result of managing the diversity of multiple systems.

In this session, Donald Farmer will discuss 5 critical challenges which can become more complex and demanding in these environments. You will discover what to look out for, the tools and techniques which can help, and some helpful lessons learned from the real world.

Mr. Farmer will focus on the following 5 challenges of a diverse data management landscape:

  • Data integration
  • Data quality
  • Setting up for self-service
  • Mastering and cataloging data
  • Building and sustaining your data team

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