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Data Governance and Compliance for Increasing Trust: Research Trends and Directions

February 17, 2021

Prerequisite: None

David Stodder

Senior Research Director


Data governance is critical for many reasons, but underlying nearly all of them is the issue of trust. Customers and consumers want assurance that sensitive, personally identifiable data generated by their interactions with your company is properly managed and secured. Data privacy regulations demand that organizations demonstrate that they have customers’ consent and can adhere to rules and policies for analyzing and sharing the data. Otherwise, organizations risk financial penalties and damage to their reputations.

Governance also plays a key role in building users’ trust as they consume, analyze, and share data. For this reason, many organizations group governance with processes for improving data quality, monitoring data lineage, data integration, and overall data management. With growing self-service user demands, complex analytics workloads, and hybrid environments of cloud and on-premises data platforms, governance is hardly simple and straightforward.

In this presentation, we will look at recent TDWI research to offer insights into the challenges organizations are facing today. We will discuss technology trends that will help organizations improve trust through governance and compliance going forward.

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