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Data Warehouse Platform Architecture for the 2020s

July 22, 2020

Prerequisite: None

Richard Winter

Richard Winter

CEO & Principal Consultant


The 2020s require a modern data warehouse that meets demanding new requirements for machine learning, data variety, scale, and real-time analytics—while satisfying traditional needs for the complex analysis of structured data at scale. These modern data warehouses are implemented in part or in their entirety in the cloud, and owners will want to consider modern cloud data warehouse platforms as their foundation.

Data warehouse scale and performance issues are trickier than ever in the cloud. It is true that in the cloud there are always more resources available, but choosing the wrong database for your cloud data warehouse can cost much more than what is necessary to meet your requirements. More importantly, the wrong cloud data warehouse platform could hamper your ability to meet your business objectives.

This talk will provide a concise, strategic view of the cloud data warehouse landscape, highlighting why scaling up or out is sometimes easy and sometimes very hard. This will help you choose the best platform for your cloud data warehouse or workload—and help you avoid platform mistakes that can get you into trouble.

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