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Cloud and Data Adoption Strategy

January 27, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Joe Caserta

Joe Caserta

Founding President


In today’s world, it’s very hard to separate technology from business initiatives. Why? Because technology and business are intrinsically and permanently intertwined and held together with data. Companies need to figure out how to get the right data into the hands of the business teams at the right time, in a medium and context that is relevant and empowers people to solve problems to drive business forward. An approach that achieves data literacy and data education across the enterprise is mandatory. A sound cloud and data adoption strategy is the answer.

In this session, Joe shares a successful data adoption client story and how data adoption can be used to successfully leverage investments in your cloud data ecosystem. You’ll learn how to solve your company’s greatest challenge around data, how to overcome resistance, and the keys to building an empowered, engaged workforce. You will understand what a cloud and data adoption program can do for your organization and the benefits of having a team that knows technology, understands your business strategy, and can guide your business through the challenges you will face implementing a new cloud and data solution. Adoption can be hard; people will be intimidated, be afraid, and be non-believers. You will learn what data therapy is and why your organization just might need some for true success.

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