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Case Study: Analytics Cloud Migration

January 27, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Paul Birkbeck

VP Software Engineering

SPS Commerce

The technical world is flocking to the cloud to solve business problems that have been heretofore impractical in the data center. IoT, data science, and streaming services are all natural fits for cloud computing. But what of the analytics systems, internal or external, that exist in your data center today? Is there a compelling reason to consider moving those products to the cloud?

In this session, Paul will discuss the path SPS Commerce, a global leader in cloud-based solutions for the retail market, took to migrate all of their analytics solutions to the cloud. Topics will include migration challenges, re-architecture inflection points, interesting cloud-native technologies, and new cloud-native partner investments. Successes, challenges, and failures along the way will all be explored in hopes that they inspire your journey—and hopefully lower the risk you face for your move to the cloud!

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