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Best Practices for Migrating to Cloud Data Platforms

January 28, 2021

Prerequisite: None

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Senior Research Director


For years, TDWI has observed an uptick in data migration projects that move an existing data warehouse from its current data platform to another one. This is called "replatforming."

A perfect storm of reasons for replatforming and data migration have come together to drive this trend. For example, many mature warehouses are at the end of their platform lifecycles. Others were designed for the business world of ten or fifteen years ago. A number of organizations simply want to take advantage of the cost and functionality advantages of new data platforms based on cloud, columns, open source, and so on. Others are responding to a cloud mandate or the business demand for more forms of advanced analytics.

Regardless of the reasons, TDWI Research estimates that almost half of existing data warehouse programs are facing a change of platform for their data warehouse. This means that they must plan a data migration project for moving warehouse data from the old platform to a new one. In a similar scenario, some organizations will leave the current data warehouse in place (typically on premises) and augment it with additional data platforms (typically on the cloud). Yet, this also requires a data migration project to redistribute and balance data across the new combination of platforms.

This talk will share several tips concerning data warehouse replatforming and data migration, with a focus on modernizing the warehouse and improving its data—not merely migrating them.

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