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Course Description

Creating Visualizations That Resonate

December 2, 2020

10:00 am - 10:40 am

Prerequisite: None

Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D.

President and Founder

Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

Pretty pictures are nice. They capture our attention and spark our imaginations. In this new analytics world of self-service, data visualizations do the same thing —unless they are overly complicated, contain way too many data points, have unclear parameters and messaging, and are basically unintelligible for others. When is enough really enough? When have we completely lost our audience? What should we expect at any presentation containing visualizations?

This presentation will cover the ways we can misinterpret data. We will also drill down on the basics for creating good, understandable, and pleasant visualizations. Given a self-service direction, visualizations must be tailored to the problem at hand, the different levels in the enterprise, and viewers’ comprehension of the analytics messaging and story. 

Attendees will learn:

  • The common pitfalls in data interpretation
  • How to create content that resonates with all audiences
  • The essential elements of good visualizations