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Course Description

Solution Spotlight: Building an Adaptive Data Architecture with Data Virtualization

December 1, 2020

11:30 am - 11:50 am

Prerequisite: None

Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist


The ongoing pandemic has clearly illustrated the need for businesses of all shapes and sizes to be agile and reactive to the changing business environment. However, existing data architectures that have grown over the years to become rigid and inflexible are hindering this ability. In this solution spotlight session, we will look at how adaptive data architectures (built using data virtualization) allow organizations to embrace change and support their ability to be agile by quickly delivering data when and where it's needed. We will also illustrate the agility of adaptive data architectures with examples of how organizations have used their data virtualization-based architecture to quickly react to the challenges introduced by the coronavirus pandemic.