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CASE STUDY: Supporting Decisions — How Analytics, Technologies, and Data Management Improve Decisions Within the Modern University

November 11, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Dan Young

Dan Young

Chief Data Architect

Indiana University

In 2015, Indiana University launched the Decision Support Initiative (DSI), intended to provide the timely, relevant, and accurate information needed to facilitate better institutional decision making. To accomplish this goal, IU recognized the need to take a fresh approach to business intelligence, data management, and the university’s organizational data culture. Since inception and through its full deployment today, the scope of DSI has encompassed all the ways that data is created, delivered, and supported for fact-based decision making—all while fundamentally revising technical architectures, cultural behaviors, tool sets, and development processes. Join us as we retell this story of change within the IU decision-making culture—a tale of both the strategic and tactical road traveled towards building a fully functional analytics organization.

Topics to be shared include: constructing an agile business intelligence team; developing business–“product owner” relationships; adopting a robust, logical data warehouse; and establishing a grass-roots data governance program.

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