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Strategy Summit for Data Management

Preparing Leaders for the Future of Data

November 9–10, 2020

The clock is ticking.

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Where company leaders learn how to prepare for what’s ahead in data management

As more organizations embrace modern approaches to information management, they are empowered to transform data into business value which becomes the basis of innovative and strategic data-driven business practices. Achieving these worthy goals demands that organizations effectively acquire, curate, manage, govern, analyze, and exploit all forms of digital assets. These assets include structured data, unstructured text, and IoT data streams, as well as images, graphics, and video.

The conventional approaches to on-premises data warehousing are still necessary, but are increasingly insufficient to meet the diversifying analytics and data management needs of the modern digital enterprise.

The Strategy Summit for Data Management brings together case studies, innovative practices, future visions, and interactive group sessions that teach attendees strategies for successfully incorporating mature and emerging practices, methodologies, and technologies into a modern data environment for warehousing, business intelligence, analytics, governance, and operations.

Why the Strategy Summit is Different:

  • Strategy Guide

    Walk away with everything you need in one place. Strategy Summit attendees will receive a folio filled with market research, workshop materials, and a vendor solution landscape. This will be your go-to guide for tips, tools, and action plans for your data strategies.

  • Productive Time Out of the Office

    If you’re going to leave the office for a work trip, it better be productive. TDWI Chicago is the perfect event for teams to get hands-on training in full- and half-day courses, while executives collaborate together in the two-day Strategy Summit. Leaders can make the most of the trip with valuable data strategy and storytelling courses on Wednesday after the summit.

  • Industry and Vendor Landscapes

    The data management tool and platform market is a congested landscape of shiny products and services. TDWI analysts will provide you with the distilled version of the players you need to know about in the newest technologies including cloud-based data management and new platforms for databases and data warehousing. Quickly understand which tools make sense for your organization and what you need to consider when integrating new services.

  • Skills & Team Structures

    Need to build a data science or DataOps team? TDWI analysts and industry practitioners will share their experiences from across vertical industries so you can mirror successful organizations.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Save time and money by learning what not to do as well as how successful organizations navigated obstacles for success. TDWI attendees find extreme value in learning directly from industry experts and analysts who have worked in the field, as well as validating initiatives by connecting with fellow leaders at the Summit.

  • Expert-led Workshop

    This interactive summit includes the opportunity to learn with a hands-on workshop geared for business leaders. Align strategy with company goals and build a framework that you can bring back to your organization.

  • Networking with Thought Leaders

    Connect and grow relationships with 100+ expert attendees and speakers who have already moved to the next level. Attendees come from industry-leading companies such as 3M, CapitalOne, Amazon, and USAA.

Questions, Answered.

Strategy Summit attendees across all industries will leave with the tools they need to tackle the common challenges faced by analytics leaders.

  • What is a data strategy? How do I create one? How should it align with business strategies?
  • How do we move faster to realize our desired business outcomes?
  • What can I learn from what peer organizations are doing?
  • How can I attract and keep skilled personnel and increase the abilities of current personnel?
  • What are the issues I need to watch for?
  • How do we ensure that we properly protect customers’ private data while enhancing the customer experience?
  • What new technologies and cloud-based solutions should my organization consider? Cloud data warehousing? Open source? DataOps? Warehouse automation?

Benefits of Attending.

  • Understand where data management is going

    Validate your programs and initiatives with primary research by TDWI analysts. Know the trends, so your strategy prepares for them

  • Develop a successful strategy for data management

    Learn how to get your strategy started, aligned with business strategies, and focused on modern digital solutions

  • Vendor-neutral technology solutions

    Discuss top technology options to advance your analytics initiatives without the sales pitch and with best practices in mind

  • Drive great customer relationships

    Enhance your standard applications and services to become intelligent, data-driven apps that serve customers better

  • More efficient operations

    Increase self-service analytics and business intelligence in your organization

  • Innovate in products and services

    Learn how to provision the right data in the right condition for the right business analytics, process improvement, or innovative management method

  • Network with top leaders from around the world

    Meet with fellow directors and executives from all industries during dedicated receptions and interactive sessions; make connections that span the globe as attendees travel near and far to attend the TDWI Strategy Summit

Industries Covered

Covering the challenges faced by vertical industries

  • FinanceFinance
  • InsuranceInsurance
  • GovernmentGovernment
  • HealthcareHealthcare
  • RetailRetail
  • EducationEducation


TDWI has more than 20 years of experience teaching practitioners and leaders about data and analytics technologies. TDWI is well positioned to help leaders navigate the analytics landscape and plan their strategies for success.

At the TDWI Strategy Summit for Data Management in Chicago, TDWI industry analysts, along with TDWI faculty, leading enterprise practitioners, and vendors, will help guide you to move forward with your analytics agenda while avoiding potential landmines.

Whether you’re implementing data visualization solutions or moving towards machine learning, NLP, and AI, TDWI can help.

Strategy Summits in 2020

TDWI holds two Strategy Summits for Data Management as well as two Strategy Summits for Analytics annually.

The second Strategy Summit for Data Management will be held in Orlando November 9–10, 2020.

Work on the analytics side of the house?
Check out our Strategy Summits for Analytics.
Las Vegas (Feb 10–11) and San Diego (August 17–18).

Connect and Interact

Learn from those who have been there about what works and what doesn’t for big data and data science initiatives.

Join Us and Learn

  • Best ways to make a business case for projects that deserve investment, planning, and development
  • Why hybrid data management environments are required to satisfy all your enterprise’s requirements for data and the solutions it drives
  • Strategies for a phased cloud migration when modernizing data and analytics environments
  • How advances in data integration, quality, virtualization, services, cataloging, clouds, and compliance fit with your strategy
  • Experience-based insights into creating a solid data platform for innovative data-driven analytics and operations
  • Best practices for aligning data management with business goals to support customer satisfaction and critical initiatives
  • Effective ways of establishing a single source of truth in a self-service data environment
  • Tips for overcoming organizational biases and making effective, data-driven decisions
  • Advice for integrating multiple sources of data to create a central resource for new business practices
  • How to apply new technologies and methods for improving data semantics and integration infrastructure
  • Why your strategies should modernize data security, encryption, and masking to comply with new regulations
  • Essentials for developing and deploying the new wave of warehouses, lakes, clouds, NoSQL, open source, and analytics sandboxes

Who Should Attend

  • Business executives and line-of-business managers
  • CAOs, CDOs, VPs, and directors of BI and analytics
  • IT executives, including CIOs and chief data officers
  • BI and data warehousing directors
  • Managers of technology teams
Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL

Sunscreen, Check. Sunglasses, Check.
78° in November … ahh, Florida.

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