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EXPERT SPEAKER: Building a Game Plan for Your Analytics Strategy

February 11, 2020

Prerequisite: None

Donald Farmer


TreeHive Strategy

Are you rich in data, but poor in business insights? We know data is a major asset in our businesses, but it is analytics that unlocks the value. However, poorly defined and planned analytics leads to a foggy road map that only gets worse over time.

In this session we describe how to build an agile game plan for data analytics into your culture. We will move beyond a maturity model assessment to show you how to identify pragmatic, focused, achievable, and prioritized projects.

We also emphasize the critical strategy of saying “No.” Not every team needs to be doing machine learning or AI. Analytics is not a race to be the most advanced or most mature. Avoid chasing trendy technologies that may have little business impact. We will show you how to identify what is needed, what is feasible, and what your stretch goals could be. The result should be a well-scoped, agile, and achievable game plan that is innovative while considering risks and opportunities.

The clock is ticking.

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