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CASE STUDY: Partnering for Success in Data Science: Collaborating with IT to Create Business Value

February 10, 2020

Prerequisite: None

Kate Mulroney

Global Head, Big Data & Analytics

Novo Nordisk

It is often been said that data science is a team sport. Given the data management and technical requirements for data science, the information technology function must be a contributing member of that team. What is IT’s role in enabling data science and building an insights-driven organization? What can and should business partners realistically expect from IT? How can IT catch up with business demands and evolve to build critical capabilities? In this talk, Kate will cover how Novo Nordisk has addressed these issues and how it continues to evolve. She will discuss some of the projects they’ve completed and what’s worked (or not). The talk will cover both foundational platforms and capabilities, as well as specific data science initiatives in which there was successful collaboration between the business and IT.

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