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Strategy Summit

CASE STUDY: How to Jumpstart Your Organization's Digital Transformation Using the Passion and Energy of Your Existing Knowledge Worker

February 10, 2020

Prerequisite: None

Marie Clark

Marie Clark

Chief Executive & Innovation Officer

Ambient Intelligence, Inc.

Digital transformation is not the first revolution many of us have experienced in our work lives. The personal computer revolutionized how we work, e-commerce and social media changed the way we buy and sell products and services, and mobile technology transformed the very definition of "working." What can we learn from these historic transformations?

In this session, we will deconstruct one of history's fastest and most effective business transformations. Come see how we applied these lessons to help a Fortune 50 healthcare company overcome their talent shortage. Learn what worked, what didn't, and how we can leverage history to accelerate adoption of the new business paradigms of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

There’s no magic. This approach does not require significant investment, nor does it require a throng of scientists trained in measuring “jerk,” or the rate of change acceleration. Instead, ignite passion in your organization’s knowledge workers and allow them to propel you to competitive advantage.

The clock is ticking.

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