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CASE STUDY: Using Company Culture to Guide Your Data Governance Strategy

April 30, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Kim Reidinger

Data Quality Analyst


Ty Sonagere

Manager, Data Governance, Quality & Advocacy


Sometimes data governance can seem like the anti-fun department in a growth-oriented company. We know governance is important, but it supposedly slows the business down; we know it has value, but it can sometimes get in the way, especially when your colleagues are used to the fast-paced environment of Ohio’s most successful start-up.

Presenters Ty Sonagere and Kim Reidinger will touch on various methods for aligning data governance strategy based on your organization’s culture. Looking into your organizational workflows using fun and nuanced methods can help you navigate a growing data governance program. Through cross-functional, community-based efforts, CoverMyMeds’ data governance team has been able to drive progress that pleases compliance teams while providing the flexibility and input necessary for individual contributors to do their jobs well, while feeling heard.

By the end of the presentation, attendees should walk away with some new tools to accomplish the same within their own organizations.

Attendees will learn about ways to:

  • Achieve cross-functional harmony through grassroots community surrounding governance initiatives
  • Gamify data governance to improve adoption and knowledge sharing
  • Successfully bring people together (willingly!) over data definitions and common pain points
  • Drive project efficiency and value through the formation of a collaborative data “squad” or “guild”
  • Build a data governance “brand” that is appealing and solution-oriented for multiple audiences

Geared To:

  • From data managers to the C-suite, we have something to share with any professional who is invested in the success and proliferation of a data governance program across their organization

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