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CASE STUDY: Transformational Organizations — AI-Driven, Data-Fueled Strategies

April 29, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Mervin Van der Spuy


ATB Financial

As the trending topics change from big data to digital transformation to AI, we constantly need to evolve within the executive landscape. When organizational strategies change to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster, it becomes clear how important data and analytics is within an organization.

To create a successful data strategy, you not only need to understand where data, information, and analytics are going, you also need to align your data strategy with the organization’s strategy. To complicate things further, you must then balance the running of the business with the need to grow and transform the business.

Have you considered how the strategies of other departments/groups/etc. will impact your plans? Does the need to migrate everything to the cloud change what data storage you use? How do you consolidate a culture of being a ‘slow adopter’ with the need to use the latest AI capabilities to provide a competitive advantage?

Focusing on lessons learned and showing what is possible, this presentation provides an insight into the interdependencies of executive management, data, analytics and other components that you may not have considered.

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