CASE STUDY: Rise of the Machines: AI and Disruptive Technologies in the Workplace

October 10, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Kathy Ball

Manager of Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Devon Energy Corporation

As quoted by Erik Brynjolfsson, in the MIT Initiative on the digital economy: “Humans must adapt to collaborate with machines. When that collaboration happens, the end result is stronger.” This session will outline three ways advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can help bridge the gap between the value in the digital oilfield and achieving the value in cognitive analytics, including: (1) Predictive analytics from a case study in predictive asset failures using Open Source and Analytical software, (2) Machine learning from simple to complex, and (3) Text analytics/cognitive speech recognition.

The session will outline the people, process, and technologies needed to enable this infrastructure. As a special bonus, this session will cover key pitfalls to avoid regarding systems, silos, and the human barriers to understanding artificial intelligence and getting past the hype associated with new technologies.

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