KEYNOTE: Evolving Data Architectures for Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and Business Innovation

October 9, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Senior Research Director


On the one hand, data itself is more diverse and voluminous than ever, as new sources of data and new types of data enter our enterprises. On the other hand, the vendor and open source communities have rolled out many new and innovative data platforms and analytic tools. Many users find themselves in the middle of these two trends, trying to get a grip on new data sources and volumes, while also deploying new data management tools and platforms.

The situation seems like a problem, due to the mounting complexity of data ecosystems. Yet, it’s actually an opportunity for innovative user organizations who are willing and able to embrace new big data and wring business value from it via new vendor and open source technologies. New user best practices play a role, too, such as those based on agile and lean development methods.

This presentation will summarize trends in data ecosystems – their components, architectures, rationales, skills, strategies – with a focus on how user organizations are achieving business value and – in some cases – creating new and innovative business practices, enabled by new big data and tools for it.

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