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PREMIER PRESENTATION: How Northern Trust Uses Incorta to Outwit Fraudsters & Money Launderers

December 9, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Victor Liu

Victor Liu

VP Risk Analytics

Northern Trust

With $6 billion in revenue and $1.2 trillion in assets under management for the world’s most wealthy individuals and organizations,, Northern Trust’s leadership position—and very viability—is continually threatened by the increasing cunning of fraudsters and money launderers. To that end, significant time and capital at NT is placed on the FinTech operational solutions that are purpose built to deliver real-time prevention of AML (anti-money laundering) and Fraud related activities. The problem? These highly critical transactional systems are not equipped to deliver the insights and analysis required to act on critical decisions while keeping Northern Trust the world’s most respected Wealth Management firm.

In this session, you’ll

  • Learn how Northern Trust leverages Incorta to bypass the legacy, ETL-driven techniques that slowed—or altogether prevented—the critical, real-time insights and reporting demanded by the post-prevention investigation process.
  • Understand how Incorta is also a critical component in the ongoing monitoring, tuning, and development of the detection algorithms that are being implemented as part of the operational applications.
  • Hear how Incorta’s extensibility and agnostic nature empower analysts to tap advanced analytics tools (such as Spark and Python for machine learning) whenever needed.

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