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EXPERT PRESENTATION: Codex for Analytics—A Systematic Transformation Program

December 9, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Paul Flach

Senior Management Consultant

Lyceum Group

Have you tried to implement a transformation program to cultivate a “data-driven” enterprise? Transformation programs need transformational thinking that cuts through many profoundly misguided norms that are still prevalent in most organizations and are inhibiting true innovation. We need to challenge common notions such as “data-driven decisions,” “self-serve analytics,” and “emerging technology” among other misguided perspectives that may be inhibiting the rapid progression of your data and analytics programs. The greatest value and economy is achieved by implementing a program keenly focused on systematically building and delivering knowledge.

The Codex system applies intuitive frameworks and methods for implementing a healthy tension between result-oriented innovation and sustainable information product development. This system of transformation relies on five intricately woven pillars: product management, asset management, organization strategy, opportunity management, and curated knowledge management. This session will introduce these topics and case studies for their successful implementation.

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