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CASE STUDY PANEL: Building and Developing Your Data Science Team

June 4, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Imelda Escaño

Data Scientist

Pacific Life Insurance Company

Jane Li

Lead, Analytic Data Engineering and Science

Cox Communications

Maria Lupetini

Senior Manager of Data Science


Anu Miller

Director, Data Science


James Taylor

James Taylor


Decision Management Solutions

Companies are busy hiring, expanding and ramping up data science teams. But who is a data scientist? Who else should be on such a team? How do you find, train and develop talent for a data science team? A panel of data scientists joins James Taylor to discuss their personal journeys to data science and to discuss key topics like building and recruiting a data science teams, bringing the right roles together and organizing the team, developing essential skills - and identifying what those skills are - and much more.

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