Welcome to the World of Big Data Analytics!

June 3, 2018

Prerequisite: None

Fern Halper, Ph.D.

VP and Sr. Research Director


James Taylor


Decision Management Solutions

Right now is an exciting time to be in the big data and analytics field. Big data is everywhere. Organizations are beginning to use more advanced analytics such as machine learning to derive insight and take action on this data. They are using data lakes for exploration and experimentation. The cloud is becoming more widespread. Analytic tools are proliferating and becoming more capable. Yet, while early adopters are utilizing newer technologies to manage and analyze their big data, others are struggling. Some find their technology investment exceeds business value and others do not know how to begin.

In this welcome session, Fern Halper and James Taylor will set the stage for the case studies that will be presented at the Summit. They will discuss the emerging landscape around big data and analytics – including terminology as well ashow organizations are putting big data technologies and advanced analytics to work and the value these technologies can provide.

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TDWI Solution Summit Coronado

Coronado Island
Coronado, CA
June 2–4


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