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TDWI Solution Spotlight

Complimentary Event

Presented by HPE Vertica and TDWI

Charlotte, NC
March 8, 2017

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Developing a Strategy for Advancing
Faster with Big Data Analytics

Join your peers for a complimentary breakfast briefing and discussion about how you can advance your big data analytics and data warehouse modernization initiatives and gain greater value from analytics and data investments!

Why Attend?

Innovations in analytics, big data, business intelligence, and data warehousing are critical to being a top competitor in today’s economy. There’s no time to stand still. Organizations in all industries need to push past the barriers of traditional systems to grasp the potential of “big data” – data in all its variety and volume – for high-powered predictive and additional types of analytics. Yet, the path forward is not always clear. How do you get started with big data analytics technologies? How do you sustain projects? How do you modernize your enterprise data warehouse to handle big data along with your current data assets?

TDWI Research has defined best practices that can help organizations move up into higher maturity so that they can, over time, accomplish increasingly ambitious goals. TDWI’s popular big data and analytics maturity assessment programs have helped organizations learn where they stand compared to peers. Through analysis of firms that have participated in the programs, TDWI has developed research insights into the maturity process and obstacles organizations face as they try to move ahead. This briefing is aimed at helping you understand how to overcome obstacles and develop a strategy for game-changing big data analytics and enterprise data warehouse modernization.

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8:00–8:30 a.m. Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

8:30–9:15 a.m.
Getting from Here to There: Strategies for Increasing Maturity with Big Data Analytics

Presentation by Fern Halper, VP and Sr. Director of Research for Advanced Analytics at TDWI

How you can capitalize on new technologies and practices and modernize your enterprise data warehouse to prosper with big data analytics.

With all the hype, few have not heard about “big data analytics” and what mastering this combination of technologies and practices could mean for business competitiveness. But what does it really take to start a big data analytics project, keep it going as the organization gains experience, and then push the envelope to accomplish truly game-changing objectives? How do you modernize your enterprise data warehouse so that you can integrate big data analytics with your hard-won, trusted EDW asset?

Attend this session to learn best practices for building your organization’s maturity with big data analytics. TDWI Research has developed big data and analytics maturity assessment tools that have been used by hundreds of organizations to learn where they stand compared to peers in achieving what TDWI sees as essential milestones for project advancement. TDWI has analyzed the assessments to discover organizations’ progress in five key areas: organization, governance, analytics, data management, and infrastructure.

In this presentation, TDWI will share research insights and discuss best practices for achieving higher stages of maturity. The goal is to help you “get from here to there”: that is, develop a sustainable strategy for moving ahead with big data analytics and modernizing your enterprise data warehouse to meet big data analytics requirements.

  • What works for getting business buy-in for investing in big data analytics projects
  • How to address governance and organizational challenges that can be obstacles to moving forward
  • Technology trends important for enterprise data warehouse modernization to support big data analytics
  • Strategies for increasing maturity in analytics and big data management
  • TDWI Research insights into the state of big data analytics maturity and how organizations can advance

9:15–9:45 a.m.
HPE Vertica Expert Presentation: Big Data and Data Warehouse Modernization

Presentation by Steve Sarsfield, Product Marketing Manager, HPE Vertica

Enterprises are challenged by the demanding performance, scale, and efficiency requirements of complex simulation, modeling, and analytics problems. Hadoop is an option, especially for those seeking lower costs for storing big data. However, should you to turn to Hadoop to increase performance and achieve petabyte scale? Do you need to rethink your ETL and visualization tools to strive for more far-reaching analytics? In this session, Steve Sarsfield from Vertica discusses how the Vertica Analytics platform as well as complementary technologies like Spark and Kafka can reduce costs, increase performance, and make your organization ready to provide big data analytical insight to more users. In this presentation, Steve will compare and contrast the best use case and cost models of common big data analytics technologies as you plan to handle more data and boost your ability to deliver the right kind of analytics to a greater number of users.

Steve Sarsfield is a product evangelist and spokesperson in HP’s Big Data Software Business unit. He is also a big data enthusiasts and author of the book "The Data Governance Imperative". Steve has more than 20 years of experience in big analytics, information quality, big data and data governance.

9:45–10:15 a.m.
HPE Vertica Customer Case Study

Presentation by Eva Donaldson, iContact

Shedding Light on Dark Data - How iContact Created a 360-degree View of Email Marketing Statistics

The amount of data generated each time an email is received becomes overwhelming quickly when you are processing millions of individual messages a day. iContact sought to look not just at an individual send or even an individual client, but across the entire enterprise. In this session, Eva Donaldson will explore iContact’s journey to eventually uncover data in dark corners, locked in unruly transactional databases, hidden in unstructured logs. She will show the tools selected, pitfalls encountered and shine light on iContact’s successes and how the journey continues based on the company's much better understanding of the power of data.

Eva Donaldson is a software engineer and data architect with 15+ years of experience designing data gathering/processing methods and building robust web applications to assist in solving business challenges and improving business processes.

10:15–11:00 a.m. Panel/Roundtable Discussion, moderated by Fern Halper, VP and Sr. Director of Research for Advanced Analytics at TDWI
11:00–11:15 a.m. Q&A and Wrap-Up

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Join Us and Learn

This executive briefing will focus on best practices and technologies that will enable your organization to gain ground faster with big data analytics and data warehouse modernization. We will explore topics through expert presentation, case study discussion, and group roundtable interaction so that you leave with solid, practical takeaways.

  • Best practices for starting, sustaining, and advancing big data analytics projects
  • Strategies for modernizing enterprise data warehouses to support big data analytics
  • Mastering people and organizational issues that are critical to big data analytics maturity
  • How to handle governance and data stewardship as big data analytics expands
  • How you can capitalize on technology trends impacting big data analytics and enterprise data warehouse modernization

Charlotte, NC

Venue Location

The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte
201 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Venue Website

Please note: These events are open to all professionals holding a management position in Information Systems, Analytics, Data and Data Science Strategy, and Information Technology (BI/DW/Big Data) from user organizations. TDWI reserves the right to reject any registration.

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